Do you pierce for individual below 16?

Yes if the individual is accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian or has obtained a parental written consent.

Do you pierce for infants?

We pierce for infants above the age of 2 months old. Feel free to consult any Stellar Piercing Technicians to ensure your child is ready for a safe ear piercing.

Do you pierce two ear lobes simultaneously?

Walk-in customers will likely get their ears pierce one after another. For simultaneous piercings, kindly indicate your preference when making an appointment here.

Which part of the ear do you pierce?

As all ears are shaped differently, feel free to consult any Stellar Piercing Technicians on your best piercing position.

What kind of piercing studs can I choose from?

Stellar offers Singapore’s most premium piercing studs materials including solid 18K, 14K gold, medical-grade titanium and surgical steel.

We have designs that cater for infants, schooling children, individual with thick or thin ear lobes, visit any Stellar store to check out the latest seasonal designs.

Please consult your doctor to obtain a written consent before doing the ear piercing.

My previous piercings have closed, but I felt something when I touch my earlobes, can I do a re-pierce?

What you felt may be a scar tissue or cyst. Kindly consult any Stellar Piercing Technicians to examine your earlobes to ensure you are ready for a safe ear piercing.

Is it painful?

Not at all, because Stellar Piercing Technicians are trained to use the perfect amount of hand pressure and accurate angle gently pierce on earlobes of different shapes and thickness, making it a virtually painless experience.

Is it safe?

Our piercing stations and tools are sterilised daily with a strict routine. And your ear piercing site will come into contact with the vacuum-packed piercing studs that are enclosed inside disposable cartridges.

Besides the hygiene aspect of ear piercing, all Stellar Piercing Technicians are certified after graduating from their intensive training course to ensure your piercing experience is safe and professional.

What should I be expecting during ear piercing?

  1. CLEAN: We will first clean your earlobes
  2. MARK: We will mark your piercing position
  3. PIERCE: Once you’ve agreed on the position, we will perform the piercing

Do you use a piercing gun?

Our advanced piercing technology is a tool that is operated by hand-pressure. Unlike spring-loaded piercing guns, our tool allows Stellar Piercing Technicians to quietly pierce on your delicate earlobes with minimal impact.

How long do I need to keep the piercing studs on?

Generally, the initial healing period takes 2 months (ear lobe piercing), and 3 months (helix piercing) before you can remove the piercing studs.

You may switch out your piercing studs to Stellar hypoallergenic earrings after the initial healing period. Avoid frequent changes of ear studs during the first year of piercing.

But how long does it actually take for my ear piercings to be fully seasoned?

It really depends on individual’s skin but most people take almost 1 year to have their ear piercing fully healed and seasoned.

During the initial stage of healing, your skin will start to form around the ear studs, creating an ear hole, any trauma on the ear piercing (e.g. pulling, putting pressure on piercing) will irritate the new delicate skin and delay the healing.

Follow Stellar’s Aftercare Routine diligently and you will be on your way to an easy and quick healing.

How do I know when my ear piercings have fully healed and seasoned?

It is natural for human bodies to reject foreign objects so it usually takes about 1 year to be fully seasoned. You should also notice there are no signs of redness, swelling, white crusts, yellowish liquid around your piercing site if your piercings have seasoned.

What is the aftercare procedure like?

Every pair of piercing studs comes with a FREE aftercare lotion for ear piercing which you will drop on the piercing site before rotating the stud one round.

More aftercare tips will be shared after your piercing.

Can I use alcohol to clean my ear piercings?

Alcohol is a strong anti-bacterial content that also kills the good bacteria that is beneficial to your healing. We recommend you to use Stellar Aftercare Lotion that is alcohol-free to support your healing without drying your piercing site.

Can I swim after piercing?

Avoid swimming on the first week from piercing.

If your child has weekly swimming lessons, plan your trip to get the piercings done after lesson so that your child will be ready to swim next week.

Should I remove my studs before I shower or sleep?

You must not remove your piercing studs during the initial healing period. Keep your ear studs on 24/7 in the first year from piercing to prevent closure of piercing.

Do you enlarge ear piercings or fix ripped earlobes?

We do not provide such services.

Can you help me pierce with my own ear studs?

We are unable to do so because each piercing studs are enclosed inside disposable cartridges that will only fit on our piercing tool therefore we are unable to fit your personal ear studs into our tool.

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