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Children & Adults Pierced


Why Stellar?

  • Certified Piercing Technician with more than 1000 piercings performed
  • Specialise in young children ear piercing, parents' number #1 choice
  • Virtually painless and quick piercing performed by experienced Technicians
  • Premium hypoallergenic metal made in the USA and FDA Compliant
  • Encapsulated piercing ear studs vacuumed packed in disposable cartridges for hygienic piercing
  • Small, rounded backing that protects you from sharp needle tip and over locking

Infants & Kids Ear Piercings

With a gentle ear piercing technology and topical anaesthesia, we ensure your child’s ear piercing is virtually painless.

Adult Earlobe & Helix Piercings

Be it your first or second ear piercing, we customise a piercing position that best suits your ear lobes and lifestyle. 

Adult Nose Piercings

Stellar Nose Piercing System is a single-use instrument and piercing stud which uses time-tested technology to deliver a safe, sterile nose piercing, every time.

A Safe Piercing Station

Stellar provides a quiet and secure environment to ensure your piercing experience is safe and comfortable. With a strict sanitisation routine and safety protocol, you can be assured that your piercing is performed with high standards of hygiene and precaution. 

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